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Company “Kakhuri” was founded in 2000, in the Georgian wine-making centre, in Telavi, Kakheti by three successful wine-makers, who set their goal to produce very high quality wine. From that time till today company stayed on the same principles - quality based on the full-controlled wine-making process from the first to the last step. Kakhuri got ISO 9001 (quality control system) and ISO 22000 (food safety management system) certificates in 2010. That means the highest quality management tools to control all the process within the organization.

Kakhuri is proud of its heritage, operating in the country named “Cradle of Wine” and follows the ancient Georgian wine-making traditions itself. Company is located in Telavi on a land area more than two hectares and its modern technology factory can produce 2 million bottles annually. Kakhuri has full producing cycle, from grape pressing to wine bottling.

Kakhuri produces 19 wine and two vodka types, which gained a big reputation not only in Georgia, but also outside of it. A lot of awards and certificates are here to prove that. The products are mainly exported to: Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, China, France, Germany and Lithuania.

Kakhuri is on one of the leading places among the best Georgian wine-makers and is waiting for even more success, because it is very fast developing company, is always ready for innovations and what’s the most important, never forgets own high responsibility of Georgian wine image-making throughout the world market. This is the very postulate indeed, which guides all the processes in Kakhuri and its employees, who think that following that principles is a matter of honor.



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