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Small Marani (Wine Cellar) “Kakhi’s Wine” is functioning from 2017. It all started with the desire to do our favorite work, that is, to produce quality wine. Out friends Mr. Merabi Mirtskhulava and Mr. Soso Sulava from “Alapiani’s Marani” made greatly contributed to our wish. By their advice we started producing wine in the family condition. In the process of production we realized that our knowledge was not enough to produce high quality wine. We started searching literatures, started reading, attending seminars and lectures, conducting experiments. As a result, we get a high quality wine from Rkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes. We registered from 2017, and have started bottling our produced wine. From the same year, we participated in festivals where our wine was well-liked. In 2017 we put 5 pieces of 2800 liter Qvevri, then in the next year added 1500 liter Qvevri. According to the plan, we are going to add another 2200 liters Qvevri in this year. Along with the production of wine, there has been a need to buy more and more quantities of grapes. The small Marani has a clear expressed position to make wine with only the highest quality of bio raw materials. Unfortunately, purchasing such raw materials is quite difficult. So we decided to make our own vineyards, where we will bring the highest quality grapes that will meet to all standards. As of today, even though the Marani depends on the purchased raw materials, we are still able to produce products that have won two medals, silver and bronze at the 2019 Qvevri International Wine Competition. Our motto is a constant development, creation of quality and ecologically friendly products.


Canada, China, Eurozone, Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States

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"Organization of Trasitional Cellar and Production of Qvevri Wine", Bio (Organic) Winery, Bio (Organic) Viticulture, Wine Diseases.


New Wine Festival 2018, New Wine Festival 2019,

Tbilisi, Gldani, Z.Maisuradze ts. #4b
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