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Handmade Soft Musical Toys and Baby Decor

About the Brand

Chikatai is a stork who believes that everything fantastic starts with the great music. That is why the first track in our life matters! Most of our toys are Musical and play melodies by famous Georgian composer – Giya Kancheli.
All our toys represent creatures of nature – animals, birds, water inhabitants. We make friends, care and preserve nature and it’s inhabitants - this is the driving force of Chikatai. All our products are handmade in Georgia with 100% natural materials and pure love.
Chikatai has officially become a member of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative - The United Nations Global Compact.


Materials we use are all natural and anti-allergic. Fabrics are GOTS Certified organic cotton. Wooden details are covered with a special licensed paint which is used for baby products. All toys are washable.
Special line of products are made with “pre-consumer” textile waste donated from other Georgian textile brands, as we assume that minimizing the waste and reusing materials, will lead us to sustainable development that will bring a positive impact on ecology.

Brand Policy

All our employees are women and this is our policy. We support women in business, because we see how important it is to strengthen their role in our society. Mostly we hire housewives who had no opportunity to come out of their homes and have their own income. Our 3 year experience shows clearly how big the result is. How it transforms and impacts women in all positive ways.


In 2019 Chikatai signed “Memorandum of Friendship” with WWF Georgia. We created special edition of sturgeon rattle toys to help WWF Caucasus to support Sturgeon Conservation project in Georgia. Later we added a new charity toy – Gazelle. All profits from the sales of Gazelle toys will be transferred to the program to mobilize purchase of the necessary equipment for their monitoring.
We believe that by coming together, we can conserve the nature and create a better future - not just for wildlife, but for ourselves and for our future generations too.

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TBC Business Awards 2020

#3-5 Vasil Petriashvili str. Tbilisi

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