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We are a client-oriented Georgian brand with having results of delivering quality, timeliness, team spirit and professionalism. It is not simply the matter of having the job done, it’s the matter of completing it in the right way, in a way of benefiting, satisfying or even delighting the client. Our cohesive and friendly team has enough experience and skills in its disposal allowing it to create websites and web applications of different complexity levels, sophisticated software; delicate logo, brochure and other marketing materials designs, various maps and more. However, facts talk louder than words. Our group successfully cooperated with Georgian High School of Justice, World Bank Group, USAID, Liberty Bank, IOM, ELKANA, Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Asian Development Bank and the list goes on. Moreover, this Trade With Georgia platform is created by our company. Please, see the footer at the right-hand bottom of the page.

Idea’s story, which lasts for more than 11 years, has begun on 23rd May 2008 after two motivated and enthusiastic friends decided to open a company with the intention to make it one of the leading web development, GIS and database consultation companies in the region. With a lapse of time, our group managed to grow its operations, increase its turnover, number of employees, propositions offered and more.

Our brand values:

-Customer-Oriented- Do we try to listen to our clients? Do we try to satisfy our clients' wants, needs, and requirements? Do we try to give them the right solutions to their problems? Yes, we do!

-Quality - providing customers and clients high-quality products and services is one of the bricks that is used in building the long-term viability of our company.

-Responsible for timely finishing the given work - it’s a priority and even the principle of our company to timely finish the given work. This is one of the ways by which our company generates business professionalism and a positive attitude towards our company from our clients and customers.

-Team Spirit - we value cooperation among team members of our company, team cohesiveness, friendly environment, assistance to each other in case of need and spending time together.

-Creativity - think differently, design beautifully, make difference - these are parts of our company.

-Friendship - friendly attitude towards our clients and customers generates positive attitude in response.

-Usefulness and Convenience - our team tries to make products and/or services for consumers and clients easy and convenient in usage and useful in solving their problems.

-Dynamism - be enthusiastic towards and creating new, interesting things, growing knowledge base and don’t stop on the current place, but go further on.

-Stability - even though our company likes to innovate and do new things, these should be in the borders of stability, meaning within the borders that allow innovation with no high risks for our company’s operations.

Lets do more together. Inspiration followed by Creation!


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N17 Gvazauri str., 0192, Tbilisi, Georgia


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