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Company “Gepherrini” was founded on August 7, 2014. The first and foremost goal was to create production which would be important on the world market. We prioritized women bags. From the very beginning we choose a different and not standardized style, also we focused on quality. Stage by stage we added men bags to women bags. Moreover, we started producing accessories, shoes, belts and wallets.
There are 57 employees working in company. Gepherrini was the first in Georgia to guarantee quality of products sold. Leather substitutes for 6 months, natural leather for 12 months. Warranty service has caused great interest and credits towards the brand. We selected the brand name according to one of the founders' names. The name we wanted was to be good at the international market.
The main direction of our brand is the production of different shapes and designs of product. Since the entry into the market, a very positive feedback was received by the international partners. At the initial stage we opened a shop and different selling points in Georgia. One year later, the first export was recorded in Russia. Another 9 countries have been added step by step. These include: USA, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, Swiss, France, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. At this stage Gepherrini is represented by 43 selling points around the world.



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