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Founded in 1997 with a mission to support active and healthy lifestyles, Farconi collects, processes and markets a broad variety of locally sourced medicinal plants and spices.

Seeking ways to ensure their products are of the highest possible quality, the company follows a HACCP-based food safety program, is ISO 22:000 certified, and holds organic certificates for their products.

In addition, and having obtained support from USAID’s REAP in 2015 as well as Agricultural Projects Management Agency (APMA), Farconi was able to establish new manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment. With this expanded capacity, Farconi produces bulk configurations for trade audiences and maintains its own Khomli brand of packaged spices and herbal tea mixtures for retail (consumer) channels.

Seeking additional opportunities and new business partnerships in both domestic and export markets, Farconi has been participating in major international trade shows. The company already established business connections in Europe, USA, and Asia. With a growing interest in organic products around the world, prospects are excellent


Czechia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United States

Regions of Georgia


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ISO 22000, Organic Production Certificate

22 A, Khetagurovi St, Kutaisi, Georgia



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