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Food company "EXTRAMEAT" has been a market leader since 2010 and represents 3 main areas: meat products, fish products and semi-finished products.
The company provides more than 100 different product:sausages or sardines, boiled, smoked, raw smoked sausages, ham and other diverse assortment are made according to the recipe, best suited to Georgian taste.
The food manufacturing company continues to use only the highest quality raw materials and prepare them in accordance with European standards, which is why the company has introduced international certifications: ISO 9001 - quality management system - and ISO 22000: (HACCP) - food safety management system.
Also noteworthy is the Non-GMO Certificate
With the right granted by the Food Safety Agency, the company "EXTRAMEAT" is the only enterprise in Georgia, which has a license to produce sausages called "Kids"

In 2020, we presented our customers a fast food restaurant and pavillions ┬╗Extrameate Pavilion┬╗ Where we make products with our own, produced ingredients
Currently, we have 7 pavillion in Kutaisi. By the end of the year we will open new restaurants in Tbilisi and Batumi and soon in all cities of Georgia.

Also since 2020 we have a bakery that we temporarily use only for fast food restaurants.


Hong Kong SAR China, Israel

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ISO 9001 - quality management system, (HACCP) - food safety management system, Non-GMO Certificate, license to produce sausages called "Kids"


The best grocery enterprise of 2015, Industrial Company 2015, Industrial Company2016, Food Company 2008,

124 anjafaridze str. 4600, Kutaisi



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