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Dr. Goods is an ISO certified company that specializes in production of sterile medical textile.
Our area of expertise covers Surgical Drapes, Surgical sets and surgical gowns.
To ensure highest quality of products, we use exclusively ISO 17050 certified raw materials in our ultramodern, high efficiency factory.
Our entire range of products is sterilized in Class 100.000 Professional Grade Ethylene-Oxide chamber. Naturally, the sterilization process in compliance with ISO 11135 standard.
All our products come with CE marking and are ready to be delivered to serve under the most demanding conditions.
We have successfully become Georgia leading supplier in a short period thanks to our highly qualified personnel, high efficiency factory and flexibility in accommodating our clients’ needs.
It is now our mission to expand our export potential and offer our product range to distributors and end users worldwide.
As mentioned our CE Certificate enables us to offer our products to the EU Market.


Austria, Central African Republic, Czechia, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

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