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We produce organic and natural spices. Our priority is high, stable quality and competitive prices.
We prepare spices for dishes that are distinguished by their aromatic properties.
Our special approaches and technology set them apart and make them more refined and flavorful. With our many years of work experience and experienced staff, we prepare the highest quality products.
We have about 100 types of spices.
Spices for different dishes Our technologists prepare spices for cuisines of different countries, which simplifies the process of preparing a dish.

If you think you need a spice for your dishes, yes it is us.

Our Delicious Spices for your Delicious Dishes.

1. Salt of Svanetian.
2. Seasoning for Lobio (Boiled bean)
3. Seasoning for Mexican potatoes
4. Seasoning for egg's omelet.
5. Seasonings for "Satsivi"
6. Seasoning for Spaghetti.
7. Seasoning for Fried/Roasted Chicken.
8. Seasoning for Pizza.
9. Seasoning for Vegetables Soup.
10. Seasoning for Borsch.
11. Seasoning for Tolma.
12. Seasoning for fried Mushrooms.
13. Seasoning for kebab.
14. Seasoning for Kupat.
15. Seasoning for Greek Salad.
16. Seasoning for boiled Beef Meat.
17. Seasoning for Vegetable Salad.
18. Seasoning for Flov.
19. Seasoning for Chicken Soup.
20. Seasoning for Gupta.
21. Seasoning for Cutlet.
22. Seasoning for Ajapsandal.
23. Seasoning for Mushrooms cream-soup.
24. Seasoning For baked Eggplant.
25. Seasoning For Fkhali.
26. Seasoning For cucumber pickles.
27. Seasoning for tomato pickle.
28. Seasoning For Atria.
29. Seasoning For Lasagna.
30. Seasoning For To color an egg. (easter egg)
31. Seasoning For Tea aroma.
32. Seasoning For Easter cake.
33. Seasoning For Cake.
34. Seasoning For the Steak.
35. Seasoning For vegetable stew.
36. Seasoning For pickling cabbage.
37. Seasoning For Green Beans.
38. Seasoning For Chikhirtma.
39. Seasoning For Matsoni (Sour) soup.
40. Seasoning For fried Chicken meat.
41. Seasoning For Kaurma.
42. Seasoning For Barbecue.
43. Dry ajika.
44. Seasoning For Bacon.
45. Seasoning For Gebzhalia.
46. Seasoning For Fish soup.
47. Seasoning For Kuchmachi.
48. Seasoning For khaladetsi.
49. Seasoning For Khashlama (boiled beef).
50. Seasoning For Chicken salad.
51. Seasoning For Baked Fish.
52. Seasoning for Kharcho.

53. Imeretian Saffron.
54. Savory Powder.
55. Paprika Powder.
56. Black pepper grains.
57. Majoran Crushed.
58. Red pepper Crushed.
59. Bay leaf.
60. Oregano Crushed.
61. Basil Crushed.
62. cumin Powder.
63. Utskho Suneli.
64. Red pepper Powder.
65. Coriander Powder.
66. Black pepper powder.

Our Delicious Spices for your Delicious Dishes.

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