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We have practical experience in winning resonant and complex category cases, the precedent of which contributes to the establishment of case law.

Law Company DCA Georgia offers highly qualified legal services in the field of civil, administrative and criminal law. The main principle of our activity is to carry out qualified practical activities based on highly academic knowledge and to establish a conscientious, credible and successful image in the society.

The company offers a wide range of legal services focused on the priority legal issues of the society. Our business is based on the principle of reliability, dedication to work, creating a comfortable environment for customers and is distinguished by a high quality of service. In customer service, we place particular emphasis on professional values ​​in the modern world and stand out for our legal ethics. Based on conscientiously highly qualified professional principles, we offer to resolve legal issues in Georgia and abroad, litigation in Georgian and foreign courts, domestic or foreign arbitration and international courts. We provide highly qualified management of the case and get the maximum result even from high-risk cases, we protect the client's interests in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, in relations with public and private entities. We establish contracts and business deals focused on the client's interests, which provide maximum protection in case of a dispute.



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