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As an advanced contemporary brand, DALOOD is a staple in Georgian culture. Created by NANA SHUKVANI in a newly independence gained country it served as an ambassador, introducing Georgia’s unique and rich history of fashion to the whole world, while also being a doorway of exceptional opportunity for young Georgian designers to bring to life their visions and actualize their talents.

Today DALOOD represents the love child of MAKA KVITSIANI, created by her mother, for the last 10 years of serving as a creative director of the house, MAKA KVITSIANI was able to transform the brand into an internationally recognized and appreciated name. She was able to fulfill her vision by incorporating her personal values into her work. She creates four distinctive collections a year, but all of them have her core values and beliefs in common. Her designs are ode to the women she is and aspires to be; To the strength that can only be found in femininity; To the joy of self love and ultimate success of being empowered.

Her silhouettes leave no place for fear and insecurities. With every hand-picked fabric she encourages us to be daring and confident. Distinctive embroidery that she came to be known for is a love letter to the women who are comfortable in their skin, celebrated in their sophistication.

DALOOD’a team with MAKA KVITSIANI in the lead continues being a pioneering force that follows its own intuition and unique ways instead of well known trends and well established path. Ever transforming, ever involving.



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