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Freedom is being limitless. Making our own path. Writing our own script. Being masters of our own fate.

Freedom doesn’t care about age, gender, or race. It doesn’t recognize restrictions or constraints. It gives us strength and keeps us moving. It makes us feel alive.

For two brothers George and Shota Mikaia growing up in Georgia, freedom was both all around them and elusive.

In the wild landscape of their home country, there were plenty of paths to choose. Creativity abounded in this resourceful nation, famed for its beautiful scripts and dramatic landscape. Among the bold mountains and winding rivers, the brothers felt free.

But life in Georgia wasn’t always a life of freedom. For years, the country struggled with wars, with few areas worst hit then the brothers’ home region of Abkhazia in the northwest. To be Georgian was to know struggle and hardship.

Still, the brothers were proud of their heritage. Like their forefathers, they wanted to once again write their own script. One that allowed them to express themselves through their own values and those of their country. Creativity. Acceptance. Progress. Freedom.

To forge their own path, they needed the right shoes.

Shoemaking remains a traditional skill in Georgia. No mass production. Just time, dedication, and skill. The key ingredients for handcrafted quality.

The brothers embraced these traits and added their own. Modern design, forward-thinking energy. Creativity. Acceptance. Progress. Freedom. Those Georgian values had found their home.

CROSTY. For those that walk their own path.


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