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In construction business «coordination and management» service seems to be already the commonly used practice in many leading countries all over the world. While Monitoring and arranging the organizational, financial and technical support to develop relationships between a customer and a provider the service significantly reduces the costs and lead time for a client. It was in 2009 when “CMC” (Construction Management & Consulting) introduced the practice in Georgia tailored to the country specifics. It proved to be a huge success having resulted in over 50 large scale projects since then. The aggregate value of the projects implemented by the company exceeds 728 mln USD and covers more than 676 000 square meters. As a result, today the company is well experienced, most trusted and reliable partner providing regional construction consultation and management. The company is characterized to handle and implement any difficult project within the given time and budget while ensuring high quality.

CMC covers a broad range of sectors, including civil (governmental) projects, commercial, industrial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use. CMC has built international networks of service providers, vendors and distributors, so that the local projects can be completed to the highest standards on time. Company has been commissioned on a variety of schemes at all stages of the project lifecycle, from the design development to the implementation of construction projects varying in size and complexity. Despite significant challenges projects always have been delivered on time, in style and on budget.

CMC has experience working with international contracts such as FIDIC books and EPC Turnkey contracts. Company has Project Implementation Support, Engineering Design Services and supervision services in various donor-funded projects, including specific experience in Procurement policies and rules of international financial institutions such as EBRD, OPIC and IFC.

CMC was founded in 2009. Only 4 people were involved as its founding startup team. But as the company grew, it added group of professionals, who were able to effectively optimize the quality of a high-performance building projects and cope with various difficulties. Since starting CMC has reached from 4 to 40 employees. All of them are very experienced and highly qualified, who have been engaged in the process of construction of the complex projects, all of them share a common drive of success and an enthusiasm to their work. Working at CMC has given to many of our employees the opportunity to work on the most iconic and challenging projects across Georgia.



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