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CHATSMA is a concept store housing Georgian designer’s Primeworks. The concept is based on the four principles so characteristic for our country: different colors, diversity, self-expression and naturalism. We believe in fashion without boundaries, limits and defined parameters. Chatsma is a platform where no matter how much you usually spend on your clothes, what style you wear or how you look, you can find something for yourself. From trash fashion to luxury classic, each Georgian designer is free to display his/her work. As mentioned above, there are no filters.
CHATSMA – the name itself is the verb that means dressing (putting on your cloth) in Georgian. Simple as that. It reflects the idea of the concept store – simplicity and openness.
Why scooters?
These vehicles became the symbol of CHATSMA as it became the symbol of the new generation movement in Georgia. Millennials who fight for freedom and bright future. Gone are the days of hiding complexes behind the dark clothing or huge cars. The youth choses colors in everything.
CHATSMA shares the ideals of the generation and is glad to offer them beautiful ways of self-expression.


Georgia, United States

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Kote Apkhazi 18, Tbilisi, GE
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