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Company founded in 2010. Wine is produced primarily in the Telavi Region, Villages Saniore and Napareuli.
Over 80% of wine grapes are Napareuli miro zone, Lopota Valley.
All regions in Georgia are considered normal climate and are well suited to growing vinifera varieties common in Georgia and Europe.

Our Vineyards are: Saperavi 80 hectares, Cabernet Sauvignon 20 hectares, Rkatsiteli 50 hectars, montepulciano 7 hectars, Mtsvane 5 hectars, and others.

In 1797 the King of Khaketi Erekle II granted the best lands in Nafareuli to Garsevan Chavchavadze and his son Alexander, after that all the attention was focused on viticulture in the region.

After the death of Garsevan Chavchavadze, son poet Alexander Chavchavadze continued the development and spread of viticulture in the region, planted new varieties of vine and taught the farmers to new working technology.

Alexander Chavchavdze founded in the region Nafareuli classical viticulture. This effort has played an important positive role in development of the wine industry. During this period farmers began producing red and white wines, European types and quality. 


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ISO:9001; HACCP: 22000

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