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Limited Liability Company “Butrana” was established on February 22 of 2019. The enterprise produces assorted types of cheese.“Butrana” LLC owns the existing dairy milk processing plant producing different varieties of cheese. The company is equipped with all the equipment necessary for milk processing, the HACCP system has been introduced and we have received continuous recognition from the National Food Agency. Most of the company's employees have been trained in various countries in management of dairy products, food safety and quality. ''Butrana'' LLC owns dairy farm and use raw milk in cheese proccesing. Staff of “Butrana LLC” is completed with highly qualified personnel possessing many years of practical experience in the management and working in the dairy farming sector. The level of qualification extensive experience of the working personnel determines sustainable development of the company. The “Butrana LLC” is producing milk and dairy products. During the last year, the company processed 180 tons of raw milk. For processing, “Butrana” uses own produced milk as well as milk purchased from small farmers operating in villages Tibaani, Khirsa and Khornabuji of the Signagi Municipality.. “Butrana” is actively participating in the regional, national and international exhibitions.



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