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A family-owned business, BPC Llc (abbreviation Bio Product Co.) was founded in 2010 and ever since specializes in organic and conventional juice production. The very first product BPC started operating with was rosehip juice – a family traditional healthy drink used to be prepared as a natural Vitamin C and antioxidant source, homemade beverage against flu and viruses. In addition to rosehips, today BPC produces juice products from sour cherry, pomegranate, apple, and orange. The product variety is comparably small as the production technology is mainly based on Georgian traditions and adjusted to wide production with much care, in order to achieve products’ highest possible naturalness and functionality.
BPC is the first Georgian company producing BIO and USDA Organic certified juice, prepared from locally grown plant. This was made possible through the tremendous work of local inhabitants of different provinces of Georgia, including Internally Displaced families (IDPs), being employed and involved in the raw material collection, satisfying the highest international organic certification standards.
Since 2010, BPC has collected a number of important success stories:
(1) Finalist: NEXTY Awards. "Best New Organic Beverage" (USA, 2021)
(2) Listed in Forbes, USA - Organic wild Rosehip Juice (with a brand name ‘NADI’ for US market) listed in Forbes as one of the top 50 Healthy Drinks (USA, 2020);
(3) Winner, ‘Agrobusiness of the Year’ (Georgia, 2016) - Winner among hundreds of local companies at county’s largest Business Awards;
(4) Nominee for ‘Best Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative’ (Germany, 2015) - Nominated at World Beverage Innovation Awards 2015, as one of the best CSR initiatives/projects.
(5) Certified USDA Organic/BIO (2015, 2016) - First Georgian Juice made from locally grown raw material and certified organic/bio;
(6) Winner, ‘Successful Export Product of the Year” (Georgia, 2012) - Mercury Business Awards winner.
(7) Winner, ‘Best Immunity Defense drink of the year’ (London, UK, 2012) Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards (BIFDA) winner.
(8) “Innovative Functional Drink” (the UK, 2012) Published in UK Beverage Innovation (BI) magazine as one of the innovative drinks of the year.


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(1) FINALIST: NEXTY Awards 2021. "Best New Organic Beverage" (USA); (2) WINNER: Business Awards 2016 (Georgia): “Agro Business of the Year”. (Georgia) (3) WINNER: Mercury 2012 (Georgia): "Successful export product of the year" (Georgia) (4) WINNER: Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards (BIFDA 2012), "Best immunity defense drink of the year”(UK).

Mtskheta-Mtianeti, village Natakhtari

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