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First Georgian Botanical Soft Drink - KAI
"Substitute chemistry With Botany"

At the end of the last century, Georgian scientists developed a complex "Graali" consisting of
16 species of plants, which was distinguished with many useful and healing features. Over
the years, this complex has aroused wide interest and has been extensively researched by a
number of serious institutes and research organizations.
For many years it was sold as a balm in many countries and was very popular. Today, this
formula is back on the market in the form of the first botanical soft drink called "Kai" and
from now on it will take care of the customer's cooling and health

Useful properties of Kai :
The unique properties of the product should be considered the content of "vital" (essential) micronutrients: selenium (Se), zinc (Zn), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and especially, valuable P-vitamins, which are essential for normal human body functioning, give high biological value to strengthen the body's immune system against various artifacts, stresses, oncological diseases and opens a wide perspective for its use as a basis for the development of new functional food products.

It is unique and unalternative because it is recommended to drink
-Kids from 1 Year
-Pregnant women
-Breastfeeding mothers
- The elderly

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