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Blueberry farm owns 27 blueberry plantations in Guria region village likhauri. Last year was the first harvest period for the company and in total 50 tons of blueberries were harvested. For 2022 company expects to harvest 150 tons of blueberries. The main varieties planted in our fields are Legacy, Blue crop, Bluegold, Duke, New Hanover and etc. Company also owns cold storage with capacity of 800 tons equipped with modern sorting line.
It should be noted that our company already is already Global-Gap and GRASSP certified.

In 2022 Blueberry Farm, announced the start of a joint venture with widely known SanLucar company and became the member of Sekoya club. Club consists of 14 highly professional licenses - producers and traders, in which it has the right to trade exclusive varieties with excellent taste quality. Sekoya has focused its activities on 3 key requirements: US-Canada, Europe and China, where licenses are set in certain quantities. We are very happy that we will be the exclusive growers of sekoya varieties in Georgia.



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