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We would like to present Balavari Wine Company with great pride, the company where we make wine honestly and in sincerity. The professionals, capable of ensuring the strictest ratio of marrying the traditional and modern methods of fermenting wine in historical, age-long and modern vessels, work with us. By this, we represent Georgia, the country renowned as the cradle of wine, respectably at the international scale.
Balavari wine cellar is located in Kakhetian region, on the utmost ridge of North-East Shiraki valley. Historical Hereti and the edge of the Caucasian ridge – Darubandi, are vividly seen at the backdrop of the picturesque landscapes of Alazani Valley and the Caucasian ridge. The bulk of the vineyards is planted on Millar territory, Alazani valley.
Due to exceptional geographic and climatic conditions Millar, situated at the elevation of 350 meters, is the exceptional territory for viticulture. Here, at one of the hottest places in Georgia merge high temperatures, breezes from Caucasia and permanent humidity from Alazani, which is perpetuated in the form of dew in the vineyards perpendicular to the river. Exclusively fertile, dark soil of Alazani valley, retains the warmth necessary for the vines during a whole chilly night because of the sandy structure. Thus we create a unique microclimate for cultivating grapes-for -wine for the special, concurrently high-acid and rich in sugar grapes.
The goal set in childhood continued by setting up Balavari Cellar, one of the greatest values of which is the century long “kvevri “ (wine vessels) created in historical Hereti. Life was instilled by “Marani” in about a 100 “kvevri” labeled for the famous “kvevri” making craftsman – Chubinidzes and others . This unique vessel passes over its century long memories, traditional character and wisdom due to which “Machari” (Georgian grappa) is maturing into a beverage of outstanding aroma.
In 2017, wine was still fermented in the century-long kvevries by Balavari’s cellars.



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