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ATOM Kids is an innovative company, aiming to break stereotypes and make serious
science accessible, interesting and cool for children. The company believes that every
child is a scientist. ATOM Kids believes that education with experiments is a tremendous
vehicle for learning how things really work. Thus, the company encourages curiosity of
children by means of fun activities and experiments.
ATOM Kids first appeared on the market in 2015, participating in various educational
and innovation festivals, that drew great interest among children and parents. Nowadays,
the company has 12 employees and owns an enterprise in village Natakhtari were both
production and Research and Development (RD) units are located. The company is run mostly
by women who are scientists, psychologists, students from various disciplines, and IDPs living
in Tsilkani, Georgia.
ATOM Kids offers various experimental games from the fields of STEAM - Science,
Technology, Engineering Arts and Math. The company produces experimental toys
such as “Molecules”, “DNA Extraction”, “Funny Foam”, “Flying Balloons”, “3D Planets”,
“Volcano”, “Hygiene LAB”, “Rainbow” and etc. The kits meet all required standards
to ensure the safety of products, activities and processes.
ATOM Kids future plans are to expand the experiments portfolio. Currently the company
is elaborating to translate experimental games into English and Russian languages,
in order to start test sales internationally.



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