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“Artytechs" is a Georgian architectural studio that has a number of well-known buildings in Georgia. The company has been recognized internationally and has won many international awards. In 2019 “Artytechs” became a winner in different nominations held by World Architecture and Design Awards (WADA). The WADA competition comprises architects and architectural studios from all around the globe in various nominations. Artytechs aims at creating complex, creative and commercially justified projects that are not limited to standard architectural ideas. We deliver a commercially well thought products that benefits a client. Many international architectural web pages and online magazines write articles, about company’s projects and achievements.



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Diploma granted by Georgian President E. Shevardnadze to Daduna Shatashvili - 2000 The order of Honour awarded to Daduna Shatashvili By PresidenT of Georgia - 2012 Best architect of 2012 awarded to Daduna Shatashvili - 2012 International Architectural Award 2017 - Reconstruction/Restoration (Realized) Museum Hotel International Architectural Award 2017 - Public Interior (Realized) Jewelry Salon "CHKHIRA" Monk Andres Rehabilitation Center by Artytechs - First Award | Category: Health and Recreation - World Architecture & Design Awards 2019, Jewelry Salon “CHKHIRA” by Artytechs - Second Award | Category: Commercial Interior - World Architecture & Design Awards 2019, Hotel Museum by Artytechs - Second Award | Category: Hospitality - World Architecture & Design Awards 2019, Multi-Functional Complex by Artytechs - third Award | Category: Mixed Use - World Architecture & Design Awards 2019,

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