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Having had an intensive 23-year experience with vegetarian cuisine, I was always
searching for alternative recipes to enrich my diet, with the use of healthy ingredients.
used to cook at home, and thus the most frequent appraisers of my creations were
family members and people close to me. It was with their initiative, that I got encouraged
to start my business at home, called "AROMATI"

I make a variety of non-traditional jams, which have no equivalent on the Georgian
market. These jams are made out of fruits and vegetables found exclusively in Georgia.
It is important to note that none of them, contain any added colouring, emulsifiers or etc.
when it comes to cooking technology, the jams are made with a completely
unconventional method, which maximally preserves the vitamins and healthy traits of the
utilized products, with minimal use of sweeteners (sugar).

A small list of the realized products is the following: lemon and ginger jam, pepper jam
pumpkin and dried apricot jam, beetroot ( in red wine) jam, onion jam (two types), carrot
jam, fig jam (two types), mulberry, and other seasonal products.


Armenia, Georgia, Germany

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