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Aqua Geo was founded in 2009. The Company leaders set a goal to popularize the unique Georgian water both in Georgia and abroad and in general, to make Georgia known all over the world.
A process of design and construction of Aqua Geo has lasted 16 months. It is worthy of note that a majority of those companies which participated in the project implementation are the Georgian ones and indeed it is our pride and joy. At the same time we also used the modern European practice of that industry.
The Company consolidates the Georgian business and desire to contribute to the development of Georgian economy. It is a 100%-Georgian company meaning that many Georgians are employed, Georgian product is made and sold both on Georgian and foreign markets.
The compliance of the product with any user’s requirements is of utmost importance and certainly, it means that technological processes need to be regularly updated and improved.
Each employee of the Company was selected by his/her competence as well as personal qualities. The Company personnel had training cources delivered by French and Italian specialists.
Sparkling Mineral Water KOBI. Production has been started in 2018.
The springs of “KOBI” are situated at 2000m above the sea level in Caucasus mountains, in Kazbegi
region, in village KOBI
The factory of “KOBI” is equipped with the latest models of European systems and equipments, which meets the International and local standards
High quality sparkling mineral water fully corresponds with Georgian, as well as European standards of mineral water microbiological and chemical content.
Closely monitoring the bottling process ensures that the produced water is of high-quality and all its natural, uniquely balanced chemical and microbiological composition is maintained.
Company holds management system certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 22000
KOBI” is Sparkling Mineral Water, which is outstanding for its unique taste. Moreover, it consists the distinctive composition of the most beneficial minerals. The technology of carbonation makes the process of drinking water even more enjoyable.
The project of creation new sparkling mineral water was executed by Italian technologist Alessandro Covelli, who created a lots of successful brands of NESTLE WATERS. The taste of “KOBI” is analogue of European popular sparkling waters.
For the skeletal system.
For normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
“KOBI” improves metabolism.
“KOBI” stimulates blood vessels.
“KOBI” improves blood circulation.
“KOBI” is recommended to remove harmful substances from the human’s body.

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