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AMB - Handmade Wooden Music Boxes
AMB workshop staff creates practical and original wooden things based on individual orders and desires of customers. Creating musical boxes is the key profile of the company, which is oriented on implementing ideas that shape the sense of comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

"AMB workshop is a family business. I established this business together with my spouse by combing our professional and favorite trades. I am an art manager and artist-designer by profession," Malkhaz Razmadze Founder & art-manager of the company said.

"In 2016, we created the first 3 prototypes of hand-painted music boxes. Delighted with the results, we decided to share our undertaking with society. We uploaded photos of our products to the social network for a small audience and shortly, they were sold out. In exchange, we received the ocean of positive emotions of happy and admired people. And we decided to let these emotions continue. We believe that a sense of happiness should not end ever. Therefore, our motivation to transform our idea into a business undertaking aimed to achieve a mutual extension of this magic moment". Thus, we decided to provide services full of love and create diverse gift sets for music lovers.

-How have you overcome the pandemic?

-The pandemic period has badly affected many business sectors, including major companies. Our sales on the domestic markets have nearly zeroed and we had to find alternative solutions. Fortunately, we had not taken business loans and I think we turned out lucky in this regard.

We used to pay less attention to foreign customers before the pandemic and in the new reality, we found the solution by redirecting our efforts onto foreign sales. At this stage, we have already penetrated the US, Canada, Australia, and European markets. We also continue active development.

Our development strategy calls for achieving the following objectives:

Penetrating all available foreign markets, including in the Caucasus Region.
Opening our own saloon, initially in Georgia (Rustavi and Tbilisi)
Instituting and developing educational functions.

In the future, we will make our services more accessible and become more mobile and flexible.


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