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Walnut orchards are arranged in Akhasheni, Kakheti Region, Georgia.
Chandler walnut of different ages is cultivated on 230 hectares. Orchards were brought at flowering (fruiting) in 2020. In a few years the total harvest will be 1200 tons per season.
The company is consulted in the field of agronomy by a Spanish company "Nogaltec", therefore, the management of the orchards is carried out in accordance with the latest standards introduced in the world. The latest special equipment is used for harvesting.
Walnuts are processed in a specialized factory in accordance with modern standards, which is also designed to receive and process walnuts from other farmers.
The final product is certified and meets the highest quality standards.

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კახეთი, გურჯაანის რაიონი, ახაშენი

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