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Agrokomb ltd was registered in the beginning of 2020, as our group purchased feed manufacturing plant located in Gardabani, Georgia. Since that time we have been actively working on the development of the company operations. We can produce 33 different type animal and poultry feed.

We have production lines that make livestock feed, such as cattle, pig, chicken and sheep. Our feed range covers livestock food starting from starters, followed up by next stages as well as full cycle till animal reaches desired weight and age.

We have group of professional consultants, who are in touch with our customers and making sure that our farmers getting best quality products like milk, eggs, meat.

As of today, we employee 40 workers and deliver our production in most parts of Georgia. Recently we started exporting our production in Azerbaijan too.

In 2022-2023 we would like to increase our sales channels and reach new markets, as well launch internationally approved quality standards of our performance.


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