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Agro Invest Group is the first natural syrup producer in Georgia.

Since 1948, Tskaltubo region was famous by the lemonade factory, producing the best lemonades.
We produce our syrups and lemonades based on the original technology used by the first syrup manufacturers back than.

The mission of the company is to provide our customers with the home-made familiar natural products.
The products are produced according to the international regulations and standards.
As the quality is the main priority of our company, we produce our products based on natural sugar, instead of the corn.
Our products are made of:
- 100% natural sugar
- Deionized mineral water
- Based on the natural products only – no artificial supplements.

Currently our main product line is Natural syrups
Our products could be used in multiple kinds of hot and cold beverages, like – Coffee, tea, milk, gluhwein, sparkling water, etc.
We offer more than 30 flavors in five different sizes:
Plastic bottle 0,25L; 0,8L; 5L
Glass bottle 1L ;
Bar and vending machine package 10L
Where our syrups are made?
Our factory is located in Tskaltubo, the western part of Georgia near Kutaisi. The history of Tskaltubo’s syrup and lemonade factory goes way back in 1940s.
By keeping the old technique, using modern technology, we sustain the high quality of the product. The laboratory located in the factory premises, allows us to control and maintain the international standards.

What is a syrup?
Syrup is a sweet, concentrated liquid made by boiling water and sugar. By adding fruit, the syrup takes on the flavor and color of the fruit.
Our syrup is a 100% natural product, that could be used for preparing juices, cocktails, in pastries, ice cream, etc.
While preparing various drinks, granulated sugar does not dissolve easily in cold drinks and alcohol. As syrups are liquids, they are easily mixed with other liquids in mixed drinks, making them superior alternatives to granulated sugar.


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5417, Phartskhanakanebi, Tskaltubo
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