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Our handmade products are created at the family studio – “Kalanda”, which is established in Georgia (Tbilisi) by family Kalandadze. Bags are carefully hand-made from environmentally friendly high quality natural leather and it is decorated by a graphic work, which is laser engraved on organic glass and gently sewn on the products.
The word “Kalanda” in Georgian means – New Year and is associated with novelty and renewal. Novelty brings a pleasure of freshness.

Shortly about the decoration of our bags:
Stylistics of graphic works, used for our product, can be linked to visual expressiveness of Georgian script with its rounded lines

ა ბ გ დ ე ვ ზ თ ი კ ლ მ ნ ო პ ჟ რ ს ტ უ ფ ქ ღ ყ შ ჩ ც ძ წ ჭ ხ ჯ ჰ

This original and distinctive bags reflects Georgian culture.
The author of these art works is the Georgian painter Z. Kalandadze (Zura Kalanda).
The amount of graphic work, used for our bags is limited. Each composition is used not more, then 100 times. Thus, they can be seen as semi-original artworks, which bring their own identity to each of our product.

Georgia is situated in Caucasus, at the exceptional and remarkable crossroads of peoples, cultures and languages (Capital – Tbilisi, Christianity – state religion from the 4-th century). Georgia is a country of Golden Fleece, cradle of wine and metallurgy, with its own language, Alphabet and lot of historical monuments; Famous with polyphonic songs, paintings, poetry and dance. Country full of the sun, beauty and hospitality.


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Panaskertel-Cicishvili st. №14 0194, Tbilisi, Georgia


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