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The Georgian Cider Cellar is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our cidery is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for the cider-making process, including fermentation in stainless steel tanks and Georgian Qvevri. We produce a natural and sparkling drink made from endemic apple varieties. We will be presenting our apple wine, produced in October 2023. We use 15 endemic apple varieties sourced from the demonstration garden of the Association of Biological Farms "Elkana," which has gathered endangered Georgian apple varieties.

I will contribute to the exhibition by showcasing our use of unique endemic Georgian apple varieties, sourced from the Association of Biological Farms "Elkana," and explaining their historical significance (Apple roots from Georgia). We will demonstrate our sustainable cider-making process, from pressing to natural fermentation, highlighting the role of wild yeasts and minimal processing. Our booth will offer tastings of our natural, sparkling cider and provide educational materials on agroecology and the slow food movement.

Also as a founder of the Georgian Cider Association, I can introduce my cider and present a Pitch Deck on the cider industry (30-60 minutes). The presentation will cover:

1. About Georgian Cider
2. Georgian Apples
3. Market Potential
4. Importance of Enterprise Georgian Programs
5. Investment Opportunities
6. Value Proposition
7. Achievements and Impact
8. Future Plans and Growth Opportunities
9. Q&A Session

Through this comprehensive presentation, We can showcase the vibrant potential of the Georgian cider industry and highlight the pivotal role of Enterprise Georgia programs and our association in fostering growth and sustainability, making a compelling case for investment.



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+995599820002 D. Gamrekeli N. Tbilisi, Georgia

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