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Malenta is a Company that was founded during the pandemic. While we were all isolated from the outside world, and had plenty of time for new ideas and challenges.
We didn't waste time and decided to turn our hobby (cooking) into a business. Since homemade sauces are very popular, we tried to create something new and interesting.
We started working on balancing the flavors of our own dressings and finally got what is today called Malenta jelly sauces.
Despite many difficulties, we move from a home kitchen to a professional one, were we had possibility to produce our products in accordance with the standards.
By the end of 2022 we have already actively appeared on the Georgian market and received great approval from both - professional chefs and ordinary consumers.
The main goal of the Company is to offer to consumers healthy, additive-free, vegan product that will enrich the dishes and desserts they prepare.
At this stage, we offer 8 main types of jelly sauces for sale: Red Pepper Jelly, Green Pepper Jelly, Pepper Dressing, Pineapple Pepper Jelly, Orange Pepper Jelly, Kiwi Pepper Jelly, Grapefruit Pepper Jelly, Lemon Pepper Jelly.
The next step for our Company is the expansion of the enterprise, in order to meet the quantity demands from several European countries and Transcaucasia.
Due to the fact that Malenta is a Company created by women, we try to take social responsibility upon ourselves and employ as much women as we can.



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10 Panjikidze st, ap46, Tbiliei , Georgia



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