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WINERY IKALTO – A continuation of the centuries-old Georgian Tradtion.

At Ikalto Winery, we are proud to say that our family has been involved in winemaking
for generations, which is a continuation of Georgian culture and history. Our family
has been making wine for decades, and even in the 19th century, our wine was
distinguished by the special technology, but the key ingredient is our family's love of
winemaking, that's why Ikalto Winery's wine is so special.

The idea of founding Winery Ikalto came from the ancestral aection for viticulture and
winemaking. Though Georgia has always been remarkably rich in traditions, the art of
winemaking stands out nevertheless. Furthermore, winemaking had been a separate
field of study at the Ikalto Academy.

Ikalto Winery has built its wine cellar in the same spot where our ancestors had been
creating and roasting “Qvevri” – the prominent symbol and the essential part of Georgian

Fragments of that very “Qvevri” stove can still be found in the surrounding area, and the
Ikalto Winery does its best to preserve and restore this invaluable legacy.

Located within the two villages, Ruispiri and Ikalto, the vineyards of Ikalto Winery take up
an area of 65 hectares. The vineyards bring together several endemic grape varietis such
as Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi and Kakhetian Mtsvane.

With up-to-date equipment and wine technology, Ikalto Winery Delivers the highest
quality Products, entirely complying with international Standards. Using both Georgian
traditional and Classic European methods


Kazakhstan, Poland, United States

Regions of Georgia

Tbilisi, Kakheti,

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We have gained IWSC awards.

საქართველო, თელავის რაიონი, სოფ. კურდღელაური, (ბეღანაფშის ტერიტორია)

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