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WoodTiness is a manufacturer of brooches and accessories (keychains, earrings, etc.), which is made of wood and glass.
Our mission is to help people maintain their individuality, real emotions and self-expression that are always everywhere select them. (Woodtiness is about Emotions)
In this direction, we created and implemented a number of innovations. We turned brooches into a way for people to express themselves.
We added a Georgian line, highlighting the direction of the Georgian alphabet, where each letter tells an important detail from the history of Georgia.
Our goal is to make Woodtiness one of the most attractive corporate and individual gift idea for people, because they share with each other, the most valuable, emotions with our products.
Today, we have our own production space and Machines (Uv printer, cutting laser, laminator, Epson printer,etc. ), where we can fully manufacture both the product and part of its packaging. Our web site is in progress.
Our main sales sources are: showroom, online space, exhibitions.

The export direction is very interesting for us and we think that this direction will help us to move to a new stage of development.



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In 2019, we participated in one of the large-scale exhibitions in Milan, Fiera, where the Ministry of Culture chose us. It was a very important experience for us, after which our brand grew a lot. Also, every year we participate in the main New Year's markets of Tbilisi.

Georgia, Tbilisi, Guramishvili ave 23
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