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"Lasharela" Ltd was founded in 1996, since the date of its establishment the enterprise was determined to meet the international standards. We made the re-equipment in 2012 in order to get the top quality product and it was the reason why the integrated food safety and quality management system was introduced. Both the local and foreign specialists took part in the introduction of the system, as a result of which the company obtained ISO-22000 Top Quality Certificate. “Lasharela” Ltd is the first and leader in this field in Georgia, in particular in terms of livestock processing. "Lasarella" Ltd owns the latest modern quality technological line for both, big and small cattle. Our goal is to improve the quality of product, refine and improve the technological processes. We were the first who made the export of lamb in the following countries, namely: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, city of Oman, city of Doha, and city of Dubai.



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