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Hello to the believers who want to change the world with their vision,

We are a group of Georgian freelancers specializing in Advertising, especially Branding and everything that needs creative solutions. We have experience on the client and agency sides, too, but our main advantage is that we can work with everyone that individual project needs.

Our leading team is a gender and creatively balanced team:
Lasha D. Kotori - Best Young Creative 2023 by AD Black Sea, former Creative Director at Leavingstone
Nutsa Kakulia - Best Young Art Director 2023 By our team, former Art Director at Leavingstone

Together, we have 5 years of experience working with 5 years clients like Dunkin', Wendy's, Ahmad Tea, Bavaria Global, PWC London, Unicef, USAID, the Embassy of Japan in Georgia, SSC Napoli, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Zoommer, Alta, Tene, Georgian beer brewery, Karva, Natakhtari, Wissol, Demlab, Mcdonalds Georgia, Metropol, Komble and etc.

Moreover, we have our music band, toy store, and even amazing friends who are in the advertising industry.

But we do not like to talk too much, because we are better at our job.

If you don't believe it, contact us and find out!



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