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Established in 2015, Milorauli Vineyards has swiftly made its mark in the winemaking industry. The corporation operates out of a cellar encompassing 8 hectares of land and commits to using the traditional Kakhetian (Georgian) methods for wine-making. Its founder, owner, and chief winemaker, Sandro Milorava, is renowned in Georgia and gained international recognition in recent years.
Currently, the annual production capacity of the Milorauli Vineyards is approximately 7,000 bottles. The portfolio includes a range of wines that have been recognized with gold and silver accolades in various international wine competitions. In the future, The company plans to increase its production.


Belgium, Czechia, Georgia, Italy

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Kakhuri Mtsvane 2019 -The Qvevri Wine Hunter Award Georgia 2022 Gold Saperavi 2019 -The Qvevri Wine Hunter Award Georgia 2022 rosso Cabernet Sauvignon 2019-The Qvevri Wine Hunter Award Georgia 2022 rosso Saperavi 2020- London Wine Competition 2023 - Silver medal 4 Grapes 2020- IWSC 2024- Bronze medal Syrah 2021 - IWSC 2024- Silver medal


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