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Maria Kokhia is a creative director and the visionary force behind her eponymous ready-to-wear brand based in Monaco. Born on the coast of the Black sea in Abkhazia, Georgia, Maria’s journey has been one of resilience and adaptation. For the past 12 years, she has found inspiration and a home in the beautiful seaside Principality of Monaco.
At the heart of our mission lies the aspiration to create a future characterised by progress and equal opportunities, with a strong commitment to preserving our environment. Our primary focus is on empowering every individual who encounters Maria Kokhia, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusiveness.
We have invested significant time and resources in finding the right fabric suppliers, and we are thrilled to announce that our upcoming collection consists entirely of leftover fabrics that can be recycled provided from LVMH partner. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability drives us to continuously improve our practices, ensuring that we minimise our ecological footprint.
Our stockists include: MC market (Monaco), Beach club (Monaco), Cult Mia (UK), Madame Voyage (Online Platform), GEM (Taiwan), Maison Adore (Baku), SEEZONA (Copenhagen).



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All materials are selected by a prestigious Couture House, is certified "deadstock" from the LVMH group. It originally comes from an internationally-renowned manufacturer and is produced in compliance with REACH Regulation - UE 1907/2006 and LVMH RSL (Restricted substances List)

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