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Situated in the rustic village of Pakhulani, within the scenic landscape of Tsalenjikha, Shorena Shonia presides over a pragmatic and eco-conscious family-scaled cheese enterprise. Her culinary expertise is prominently displayed in the production of Georgian traditional cheese, where she imparts a distinctive twist to age-old recipes, resulting in a diverse array of flavors. Complementing this, the enterprise crafts European-style aged and fresh cheeses, each boasting unique and delectable profiles.

Shorena Shonia's ascendancy in the realm of cheese production is underpinned by strategic partnerships with influential organizations such as UNFAO, UNWOMAN, and Enterprise Georgia. These collaborations have not only provided essential resources but have also positioned her as a successful businesswoman, fostering economic autonomy and contributing to the overall development of the local community.

A defining characteristic of Shorena Shonia's cheese production is a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability. The utilization of pasteurized milk stands as a testament to this commitment, ensuring that every wheel of cheese not only delights the palate but also adheres to stringent standards of health and safety. This conscientious approach extends to environmental responsibility, aligning the enterprise with contemporary norms in agricultural practices.

As a result of this meticulous dedication to craft and sustainability, Shorena Shonia's Cheese Farm in Pakhulani has become synonymous with high-quality offerings. The cheeses produced encapsulate the rich agricultural heritage of the region, blending traditional methods with modern culinary standards.

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Project, “Fostering economic empowerment of women farmers by supporting homemade dairy production through the Farmer Field Schools (FFS) approach” is implemented with the financial support of SDC - For fully completing courses in good practises of small-scale dairy production and farming, through Farmer Field Schools(FFS) approach. ( UNFAO, SDC, UNW) - 2023 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System - 2023 Branding and Communications for Woman Farmers - 2023 UNFAO SDC UNW

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