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Hello, I would like to introduce our products which are made in the village of Gurdzem, Martvili district. We produce both traditional and European type cheese. And we try our best to produce 100% natural products. We used various projects and received grants to start a business. With the grant of "Enterprise Georgia" we built a small cheese factory with a visitor space in 2023. This space is separated from the production room by a glass wall and visitors can see the aging process in place. We will be actively involved in the tourist season from 2024. Since 2021, we have participated in the FAO project "Farmer Field School". In this school we learned all the important details of cheese production and cattle care. The project covers all aspects of the production chain, from farm to table. In accordance with the legislation, we produce products from pasteurized milk. Aged cheese is actually quite fresh. That's why we promote this cheese along with the traditional one. Most of the products have already been chemically analyzed. Accordingly, the labeling problem is also solved. Most of the products are sold at agricultural fairs held by various organizations. We also take orders. With the help of these agricultural fairs, our products are already well known. I saw information about your event on social networks. I want to use this opportunity to make the unique products produced on our farm known to a wide audience. This opportunity will be mutually beneficial for us. On the one hand, we will introduce our products to the world and promote Georgian cheese. At the same time, we will take another step in the direction of gastronomic tourism and introduce our cheese house to future potential tourists.



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Throughout this process, I try to attend many different trainings in order to get as much information as possible on both the production processes and business development. All these projects and trainings gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. which directly affected the development of my business. I am attaching a file below that shows a small sample of my certificates. I received the greatest knowledge from such trainings, which I use in practice every day. These trainings complement my knowledge. I continue to deepen my knowledge.


Our business is quite new. Nevertheless, it deserves a lot of praise. Not long ago, the closing event of the FAO project was held in Anaklia, where all the farming schools of Western Georgia participated, including us. The participants made cheese boards, which were evaluated by several criteria. Taste, visual, organoleptic, etc. We had half an hour to prepare the board. Despite the difficulty and strong competition, in this competition our cheese plate/board won the first place and the highest rating in almost all criteria. Not only that, we still continued to learn, work on ourselves and develop.

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