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The first, Georgian wine salt, which is created in Georgia, the homeland of wine with 8000 years of continuous winemaking history!

Marila is Georgian wine salt, which is created in Georgia, the homeland of wine with 8000 years of continuous winemaking history. This is the first Kvevri wine salt, which was created in Georgia by a special method and is ready to conquer international markets as a unique Georgian product. Marila goes well with steak and other types of meat, fish, salads and even desserts. It is the best garnish for meals.It is distinguished by its intense color and appetizing aroma. Marila is totally handmade and artisan product with its secret recipe. Marila includes only edible salt and premium quality Georgian wine! It does not contain dyes, flavorings and other additives. The product is alcohol and GMO free!

Marila is created with a secret recipe, which was developed by Vakhtang Vatiashvili as a result of hard work. This recipe is protected in the form of a secret envelope by the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia as a scientific method paper. The most important component in the production of Marilais the highest quality Georgian Kvevri wine, which is a very precious and carefully selected product by us.

Our main niche is to create a high-quality product with Georgian Kvevri wine, which will be the best seasoning for food. Marila is not only salt, it is rather more -the best gift for gourmets.
We pay a lot of attention to branding and packaging. Marila is sold only in high-quality glass bottles and comes with a small passport where interesting information is written about Georgia, and about us as the very first Georgian wine salt, which is exported.

Our mission is to introduce Georgia to the world and Georgian vines and wine, which has about 500 endemic grape varieties and a history of 8000 years.

We believe that wine is not just an alcoholic drink. There are many more benefits to be gained from it, and Marila is a prime example of that!

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4, L.Aleksidze street, Tbilisi, Georgia / 0186

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