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Exadel is an international IT company headquartered in the USA. We design software solutions, deliver digital platforms, and have been creating unique products for Fortune 500 customers for 25+ years.

With 30+ offices across the US, Europe, Caucasus, and Asia, Exadel addresses the most complex engineering problems with innovative solutions. Exadel's enthusiastic and dynamic team of 2,800+ specialists is the key driver of project success.

• Operating as an ISO 27001:201 certified company, we perform projects conforming to established global standards. 25% of our employees hold certificates including ISTQB, CIBAP, Microsoft, and PSM-I.
• Exadel fosters the environment of personal and professional development. Each Exadeller obtains a $1,000 yearly budget for self-education, including certifications, training sessions, conferences, and educational materials.
• Exadel is home to 19 development communities where employees share knowledge and improve their professional skills. The atmosphere of mutual assistance within teams is an intrinsic part of our company culture and vital to our success.
• The Exadel Referral Program applies to all regions and involves recognition when recommended professionals are taken on board. Depending on the location and the position, each specialist receives a monetary bonus for successful candidates.
• Employees can transfer to any location that has an Exadel production office. The HR manager and the Global Mobility specialist accompany the employee and assist throughout the relocation process.
• Decisions in the company are made based on employee feedback. Exadel regularly conducts satisfaction surveys, resulting in a list of implemented improvements.



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