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Bolero & Company, established in 2012, is a prosperous holding that holds a prominent position in the wine and brandy spirits production and export industry in Georgia. The company possesses its own wineries and brandy production facilities situated in Kakheti. Bolero & Company brings together several subsidiaries under its umbrella, namely "K and Georgian Spirit" LLC, "Universal Spirits" LLC, "Gruzvinprom" LLC, "Bolero & Company" LLC, and "Winery Kachreti" LLC. Due to its extensive selection of wine and brandy spirits, coupled with the employment of highly skilled professionals within the organization, Bolero & Company successfully produced commendable wine and brandy within a remarkable timeframe. This achievement garnered acclaim from both industry experts and enthusiasts of fine alcoholic beverages. Right from its inception, Bolero's mission has been to make a significant impact in the arenas of winemaking and distillation by establishing Georgian alcoholic beverages as a prominent global brand. Bolero currently holds a prominent position on the global stage as a premier grape processing and alcoholic beverage production corporation. With great success, the company actively engages in exporting its products to various international markets, including esteemed alcohol-producing nations such as France, Spain, and the United States. Bolero's operations stem from the esteemed Gurjaani Winery "Gruzvinprom", renowned for being one of Georgia's most historic and largest wineries, particularly in terms of grape processing capacity. It is feasible to effectively handle a volume of one hundred tons of grapes during the harvest, adhering to all technological standards. The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery and possesses one of the most ancient and expansive Qvevri wine cellars in Georgia, comprising a total of 224 Qvevri. Each individual Qvevri (pitcher) has a capacity ranging from 2500 to 4000 liters, and interestingly, the age of these Qvevri (pitchers) predates the establishment of the winery itself. It is important to highlight that the overall quantity of Qvevri (pitchers) in wineries is continuing to rise. Within the premises of Gruzvinprom, encompassing an expansive area of over 2 hectares across levels -1 and -2, exist ancient subterranean cellars devoted to the storage of brandy spirits. At present, the establishment possesses approximately 25,700 oak barrels, with their quantity incessantly expanding. Consequently, this undertakes the creation of the most extensive repository of alcohol reserves in Georgia, and beyond. The age of the brandy spirits spans from 0 to 25 years in maturity. From 2020 to the present, the Bolero company has been one of Georgia's leading exporters of alcoholic beverages (bottled: Wine, Brandy, Chacha).



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