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Naberauli Wines takes immense pride in crafting unique and exquisite wines sourced from the regions of Racha and Lechkhumi, using traditional Georgian Qvevri and classic winemaking techniques. Our commitment to limited production ensures that each bottle embodies the highest quality, reflecting the essence of our terroir.

Our mission is to preserve and develop the diversity of Georgian wines while raising awareness of the unique wines of Racha in the international market. We are eager to collaborate with partners who share our passion for rare grape varieties and appreciate the art of winemaking.

At Naberauli Wines, we value the establishment of long-term partnerships, recognizing that trust and mutual respect are vital components of successful business relationships.

Wines in Naberauli Wines' portfolio:

Rachuli Mtsvane - White Dry Wine
Rachuli Mtsvane - Qvevri Amber Dry Wine
Tsolikouri - White Dry wine
Tsolikouri - Qvevri Amber Dry Wine
Tvishi - Semi Sweet White Wine
Aleksandrouli - Red Dry Wine
Aleksandrouli Qvevri - Red Dry Wine
Saperavi-Dzelshavi - Red Dry Wine
Rose - Dry Rose Wine

According to the legend, its history dates back to the 17th-18th centuries, when the Georgian lowlands fought against the enemy and the vine as the Georgian treasure was cast away to the highlands.
It appears that the ancestors of the Georgian people knew right from the beginning that wine would be the signature drink that would ultimately represent them in the world.
It was to the pristine lands of the mountainous Racha where the monks secretly brought the grapes for cultivation. Throughout the summer they cared for those unique vines to pick and ferment them in the sunny, golden autumn day. Nowadays only the remains of the monks' cellars are preserved in this place, whereas the history itself had been long forgotten. With the help of the local people though, the forgotten tale of very Rachian wine was revived; and the wine was named Naberauli in honor of its creators (Naberauli in Georgian means - the place where the monks lived).


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