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The three-century history of Sarajishvili brand starts in 1884. David Sarajishvili set up the first classical wine brandy making technology in Georgia. The factory was located in Tbilisi and it produced its first product in 1887.​
In 1889-1912 David Sarajishvili’s work is being recognized to an international market. Georgian brandy got the golden medals at Paris Brussels and Chicago exhibitions. In 1913 the company earned the exceptional status “The provider of Russian Emperors house”. Construction of the current factory started in 1939 and lasted to 1954. It was the very place where unique spirits distilled in different regions of Georgia were collected and reserved.
In 1994 the Bubuteishvili family became an owner of the company. The family has purchased the company with its reserves of historical Georgian spirits, the collection of which also features spirits distilled in 1893 and 1905 under the primary supervision of David Sarajishvili. The company has returned its original name “Sarajishvili”.
Using classical technology while producing is one of the advantages of “Sarajishvili ”. Distillation of spirits is highly important step in making wine brandy. “Sarajishvili” uses French Charente distillation machine for creating the high-quality spirits. Sarajishvili” follows only traditional methods of aging. Our spirits are stored in 350-400 litter oak barrels at least for three years. Young brandy spirit extracts substances from the oak timber and after being oxidized it gets unique taste and aroma. When cognac gets into reaction with an oak barrel and air, approximately 3 % of spirits evaporates. The evaporated spirit is called as the “share of angels”.

The age-old experience, work of the talented master blenders, and the pursuit of excellence created rich and unique collection of the company Sarajishvili. Each product of Sarajishvili has its own outstanding history, age, origin, character, appearance and qualities.

Today, Sarajishvili unites its production under three main lines.
Classification of marks, united under Classical line occurs according to the international standard.
Unique line unites special products, drinks, which embody the idea of its creation.
The vintage line has its own concept – all the drinks are created from the blend, which consists spirits of one age.


China, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, United States

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