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we produce edible nut products that we buy from farmers. When we buy raw, uncracked nuts (in august, september and october, when the nuts are raw), we first let them dry in the so-called in Sushilka. After drying, the average moisture content is 5.5-6. After that, we calibrate the product according to the dimensions of the calibers through our machine. Further, depending on the caliber (size), we allow the so-called in the mill, through which the unbroken nuts are crushed and so-alled the broken nut product goes through the vibro into the cleaner. From there, the product goes to the heart sorting machine Kalibrovka. There are three calibers of nut kernels that we export - 11-13, 13-15 and 15+. Then the nut kernels, sorted by size, go to the laser, which evaluates the resulting nut kernels. After that, it is replaced according to calibers and delivered to the tape tables, on which the ladies work and evaluate the products for export. After that, of course, according to the caliber, the products are packed in polyethylene bags or so-called bigben bags in agreement with the client's drawings.


Estonia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

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