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"Present born from the past..” - „Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking”

The roots of the company „Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking”- KTW dates back to the 19th century when Antimoz Chkhaidze founded a wine cellar in the village of Askana, Guria, Western Georgia. He became famous for his outstanding and rare Georgian wines such as Chkhaveri, Tsolikouri, and Jani. Notably, Antimoz’s name stretched across the Black Sea as he used to export his wine to neighboring countries. The oldest Qvevri in the cellar was dated to 1880.
After a century, in 2001, the great-great-grandson of Antimoz, Zurab Chkhaidze rejuvenated the family traditions and established the company “Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking”. The company still preserves and continues its’ family traditions. The main direction of the company is the production of the high-quality wines from the unique Georgian grape varieties, as well as Georgian brandy and traditional Chacha. Today the company owns 4
winemaking factories, 3 wine cellars, 2 fruit processing factories, 3 restaurants and 3 hotels. KTW is the #1 company by total vineyard area in Georgia, with the number of vineyards equaling 3000ha, while adding huge areas every year. Our goal is to have 10,000ha by the year 2025.

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Adjara, Guria, Kakheti, Shida_Kartli,

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12, S. Tsintsadze st.
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