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Since strawberries are one of the most demanded berries in the world today, if properly managed, Georgia actually has all the opportunities to take a solid place on the world map as a country producing high-quality products.
The Association of Strawberry Growers is a hub for coordinating information needed by strawberry growers and consumers. By using the necessary and correct technologies, under the guidance of correct and professional, local and international consultants, it is necessary to form a modern, quality and sustainable financial success oriented farmer in Georgia.
Problems will be formulated and brought to a decision in the association in a consistent and planned manner.
The association will actively cooperate with various government branches and also with donor organizations.
Webinars, conferences, training seminars, practical seminars in countries with success in strawberry production will be organized for association members. Highly qualified agronomists of the association will constantly monitor the farms of member farmers.
A natural or legal person who is engaged in strawberry cultivation or is interested in this direction of berry production can become a member of the association.

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