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Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) was established by the International Relations Centre in 2017 in order to provide a full support in terms of new contacts and useful acquaintances not only in Georgia but in other regions throughout Asia and Africa. GAACC has been designed to unify and connect successful entrepreneurs and businesses from Asia and Africa.

The core mission of the organization is to develop Economic, Cultural and Social Relations between Georgia and Asia-Africa. Our organization is comprised of successful business leaders and highly talented young professionals having the main purpose of building a prospective partnership with international business operators. Georgia always welcomes new investment opportunities and we are here to ensure these opportunities will serve with its best ways to expand your business to new horizons.

GAACC is a cohesive, hard-working group, which provides an excellent platform for different business operators to share their experiences and develop strong relationships. We have high standards of job commitment and development. The prior intention of the GAACC is to bring relations between business people of different nationalities closer and enhance mutual understanding. Our Chamber follows the principles of bilateral benefit.


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