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Drakkar is a workshop for miniature art. We create dioramas. A diorama is a realistic replica of real or dreamed-up places. We bring people's memories to life. We also work with companies to create conceptual office decorations, creative corporate gifts, or participate in their creative marketing campaigns. A diorama can express any idea or design, because it is art and has great potential.
Our product is used as souvenirs or decorations, I can't find a suitable sub-category for this, so I chose furniture and electronic devices because our dioramas also have lighting.
Dioramas are very popular and interesting abroad. It is a very expensive hobby, there are many collectors of dioramas, there are museums of miniature things and expositions. Therefore, we think this line of business will be most popular and successful if we export our products abroad. There is more interest and price abroad than in our country.
We think that Germany and the USA would be the most suitable markets for us.

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