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Hama is a handicraft company operating in the market since 2015. Since its establishment, the company has been distinguished by innovative services, products and designs, as well as their processing methods. The main working material is wood, the processing method of which in Hama is truly unique and the only one in the world. The wood is treated with two layers of varnish, water-based paint and protective oil, and the engraving has a vintage aged effect that can be given the desired color.
At this stage, up to 15 name products and more than 3000 different designs are flexible, which are available on the website (hama.ge), also the customer can create his own unique designs as he wishes, and all this does not change the cost of the product, in just 2-3 days the customer receives the desired product with the same design as he wanted.
In addition to individual users, there is great interest from immigrants, tourists, companies ... all this motivates us to pamper our customers with news. New products were gradually added, in the near future several more products will be added to the Hama store, which will further absorb the consumer segment.
It is planned to create an innovative service store, where the customer will be able to design the product himself and soon be able to purchase it in its final form on the spot (20-30 minutes).
There is a lot of interest and there are proposals to start production in several European countries. Which is the next stage of Hama's development.



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